Storyteller and photographer Kenny Loh puts his cameras away for a quiet breakfast morning with his cousin Allison Hill. Soon as he saw the man behind the grill started flipping a giant piece of dough, he couldn’t help but whipped out his handphone to capture Roti tissue in the making. After that, no words needed to describe their breakfast experience.

Stretching it paper thin
A generous smear of margerine
More than a handful of sugar
Swirl of condense milk
A few more drops of oil
Crispy enough to lift off
Gentle does it, shaping the cone
With anticipation Allie waits to sink her teeth into it
But wait a minute, a quick photo for IG first
Laying down the beauty for partaking
Finally. Say cheese...I mean rotieeee. Down goes the crispy, chewy and sweet tissue.

Kenny Loh

Storyteller and photographer.

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