The king still reigns supreme. The king of fruits, that is.

And for now, at the top of the hierarchy is still the Musang King, popular for it small seed with creamy thick flesh that is pleasantly sweet. And commands a royal price of RM80 per kg with the skin on! An average sized fruit would cost about RM120 with 10 to 12 pulp of fleshy seeds inside.


Ever since the introduction of this hybrid to the durian craze in Malaysia (and neighbouring countries by export) many others, namely Tekka (meaning base of a bamboo segment because of the shape of the durian pulp), Black thorn and Udang merah vie for the top position and unseeding the humble D24 which was once a premium variety two decades ago.

As the craze escalates, spreading to Australia, the US and China with container loads of them being shipped out to these countries, the trend is feverish in Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur and Penang during the peak of the season in July/August and November/December.

Single pulp is nicknamed rat because of its rat-like shape

One can literally get durian anything. Innovation at its best with the distinctly pungent smell overpowering drinks, pastries, cakes, ice cream, coffee, mooncakes, sweets and chocolates and many others racing into the durian anything market by producing their version of durian laced products.

Overseas visitors to the satellite city of Petaling Jaya outside Kuala Lumpur will be able to taste this fruit in the comfort of a 2 storey pitstop, Durian Man in SS2, that serves All-you-can-eat durians for as low as RM25 per pax.

Celebrities, royalties, and even Richard Quest of CNN Money have had their fill of durian there.


But indulging in the various varieties of durians and savouring their subtle differences in taste isn’t enough, the farms have opened the doors for selfie experiences with durians hanging from the trees. These farms also boast of organic durians which can cost 30 percent more in price.

Most of these are eco farms that can be found in durian havens in the state of Penang and Pahang. These farms offer accommodations and a few complimentary meals of durians.

A short 2D1N getaway to Raub can include visits to local cottage industries like groundnut factory and tofu factory before arriving at the farm. Some farms also provide other activities like pond fishing and trekking to nearby picnic areas.

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