Be the creator of this story and step away from the sideline into a path that takes you to endless destinations to seek out folklores, tales and legends.

Don’t be just any traveler. Don’t be the one to read the proverbial 10,000 books. Be the traveler who journeys the 10,000 miles to gather stories for the 10,000 books.

The uniqueness of Travel Tale’s storybook journeys allows you to step into different worlds to experience their lifestyles and cultures as if they were your own.

The sheer joy of travels, besides escaping norms for a while, is to come back with loads of interesting stories to share. 

From digging your fingers deep into sandy beaches to catch sand crabs, slicing up flying fishes and swirling dulangs for tin ore you will quickly escape into the prologue of your storybook journey.

But every journey of a thousand steps begin with one…

Join Travel Tales unique travel experience!

Around the World with us

Tales To Share Begins (TTSB) here! Every journey begins with anticipation, experienced with an open mind and ends with great stories to share. We aim to help create these playbooks of stories through the tales we share and our specially crafted travel experiences for all travelers and all seasons.